Updating your Nexus Player to Android M 6.0

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Factory Images are released for Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Nexus 9, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Neus4 and Nexus Player.

I will explain the steps to update software of your Nexus Player to Android M. The steps should be almost similar to other Nexus devices as well. 

Flashing factory image to Nexus Player

Step 0. install adb and fastboot command

This method is for developers since it requires Android SDK tools set up such as, “adb” and “fastboot” command. If you haven’t set up these commands, you can set up by Building adb and fastboot command from AOSP source code. If you feel it trouble some to build adb and fastboot command manually in your PC, see also

Step 1. Download factory image

Download the factory image which you want to flash from Google developer’s page (direct factory image download link here for Nexus Player). “fugu” is the project name for Nexus Player.

Google developer’s page. Android M (version 6.0.0) is now available.

After downloading, extract it.

tar -xvzf fugu-mra58k-factory-61ac65bc.tgz

Step 2. Boot Nexus Player in bootloader mode

Boot up Nexus Player as usual, connect PC with adb, then reboot it with bootloader mode by

adb reboot bootloader

Bootloader mode on Nexus Player looks like this,

Step 3. Unlock bootloader

First check your fastboot is detecting device correctly or not by checking 

fastboot devices

If it is not working, see bottom page of Building adb and fastboot command from AOSP source code. You can unlock bootloader by 

fastboot oem unlock

I needed to execute command twice to get device unlocked.

~/workspaces/download/fugu-mra58k$ fastboot oem unlock
FAILED (remote: To confirm, send the unlock command one more time)
finished. total time: 0.611s
~/workspaces/download/fugu-mra58k$ fastboot oem unlock
OKAY [ 10.089s]
finished. total time: 10.089s

Step 4. Flash factory image

Finally we can flash factory image by

$ cd fugu-mra58k/
$ ./flash-all.sh

Extracted file contains flash-all.sh script, so we can use it to flash factory image. It takes few minutes to automatically flash new factory image (please be careful that all previous user data will be lost!).

Step 5. Run! & Check version.

If factory image was successfully flashed, initial setup will start.

After initial setup, you can check your software version by [Home] → [Settings] → [About]. Android Marshmallow is Version 6.0, you can also check Build number is “MRA58K” for Nexus Player.

I also noticed the new category “Android security patch level” is introduced in Android M.

Ref: Android Now Shows Your Device’s “Android Security Patch Level” In Marshmallow


For non-developer, it is more easy to update software by OTA.


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