Library release: visualize saliency map of deep neural network

Japanese is available at Qiita. From left: 1. Classification saliency map visualization of VGG16, CNN model. 2. iris dataset feature importance calculation of MLP model. 3. Water solubility contribution visualization of Graph convolutional network model. Abstract Have you ever thought “Deep neural network is highly complicated black box, no one ever able to see what […]

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Setup IDE

  If this is the first time to use python and you have not built any python development environment, setting up IDE (Integrated Development Environment) might be a one good choice to start coding quite easily. I will introduce how to setup PyCharm, one of the major python development tool, which I am also using […]

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python print, string manipulation summary

  Version difference python 3.x: print() is function and not a keyword anymore. () must be used.

python 2.x: print is considered as a keyword, so () is not necessary.

The above syntax cannot be used in python 3! But you can use future module import if you want to use print as […]

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