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No need to explain, Netflix is most famous streaming movie & TV series provider, and now there’s more than 75 million subscribers (Wikipedia). For movie lovers, it is a must have service so that you can enjoy unlimited movie at home with flat-rate!

Netflix is available with Android TV devices (such as Nexus Player, recent Sony BRAVIA TV etc.), and below are some screen shots to introduce. 



Main page: Many popular movies and TV series are listed. I feel that Netflix is fully utilizing “recommendation” to show personalized video lists. For example, you can see recommended video lists based on the video you watched before.

I guess it is because “searching by text” is usually troublesome for TV, and they are focusing on recommendation. 


Search page: Of course, you can either search movies by text or categories too.


Movie/TV introduction page:

You can see description of the video, and you can change settings of Audio and Subtitles here too. 



Audio and Subtitle setting:

For Audio, you can enjoy movie with dynamic 5.1 ch if you have home theater system.

Subtitle is also available, it is good for me like a non-native English speaker to enjoy English movie!

If you are interested in signing up Netflix, see Netflix sign up procedure on Android TV for set up procedure.

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