Convert between Bitmap and Drawable

Drawable to Bitmap It is easy to convert between Drawable and Bitmap in Android.

Above works for jpg, png type drawables, but it does work for xml type of drawable (I guess because xml file has no specific “width”, “height” information). In this case, you can use following util method.

 Above is cited from How to […]

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Gradle Sync fails in Android studio 1.3

Recently I updated Android studio to version 1.3, and then it fails gradle sync. Error message is something like,

It seems that https proxy server was not working correctly, even if I’m setting proxy server in [File] → [Settings…] → [Appearance & Behavior] → [HTTP Proxy].  Solution  You can set http proxy server & https […]

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Recommendation card
– Android TV app Tutorial hands on 11


Recommendation Android TV’s home, LeanbackLauncher has a recommendation row at first row. Any application can suggest recommended contents for users. In this chapter, I will explain how to show recommendation card to LeanbackLauncher from your application. Recommending TV Content – Android developers Android TV Recommendations: What’s in it for my app or game? This recommendation […]

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