Install Android phone’s app on Android TV via Wifi


  As far as I know, this is one of the most convenient method to transfer files between Android devices and transfer & install Android apps in apk format. If you want to transfer by using USB, not by Wifi see old post “Install Android phone’s application to Android TV“. Sideloading apps on Android TV Many of the Android phone/tablet’s apps are not on the Google play store on Android TV (Nexus Player, Sony BRAVIA Android TV, NVIDIA Shield etc…). Many famous Android phone app is not correspond to Android TV yet, for example Browser app: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser… SNS app: Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, … System/performance app: Antutu, CPU  […]

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Netflix sign up procedure on Android TV


Sign up procedure I signed up Netflix with a 1-month free trial using Sony BRAVIA Android TV. Below is a procedure. * This post is written at 2016 March. The procedure might change in the future. You need a credit card even signing up free trial. First welcome page: price is shown in ringgit because I registered in Malaysia.   Step 1: Register Name E-mail Address Password E-mail subscription setting Step 2: Choose your plan There seems to be 3 plans, “Basic“, “Standard” and “Premium“. The big difference is the video quality (you cannot enjoy Full HD with Basic plan) and how many screens you can watch at the same […]

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Try Netflix on Android TV


  Netflix No need to explain, Netflix is most famous streaming movie & TV series provider, and now there’s more than 75 million subscribers (Wikipedia). For movie lovers, it is a must have service so that you can enjoy unlimited movie at home with flat-rate! Netflix is available with Android TV devices (such as Nexus Player, recent Sony BRAVIA TV etc.), and below are some screen shots to introduce.    Main page: Many popular movies and TV series are listed. I feel that Netflix is fully utilizing “recommendation” to show personalized video lists. For example, you can see recommended video lists based on the video you watched before. I guess it is […]

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Recent update of LeanbackLauncher Home app


Recently (actually not recently, I noticed this change maybe 1-2 month ago), leanback launcher app, Android TV’s default home launcher app, has updated. I noticed 2 changes for its behavior. I also want to discuss about current situation for home launcher apps for Android TV. Icon layout customization Current leanback launcher has really few features we can customize its configuration. But updated app allows you to customize icon layout by long-pressing center button on the app launcher icon.  It seems it is only allowed for “Apps” and “Games” rows which are default Android TV rows, and other rows (for example, “Inputs” row of SONY BRAVIA TV) layout cannot be customized. Other […]

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Kodi – Android TV app review


What is Kodi  Kodi is originally developed as XBMC (Xbox Media Center). This is a really powerful and customizable application to enjoy playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi really can do anything as “Media Center”, but it is so highly customizable that it looks difficult to use it for the beginners. Kodi is open source (GPL), and runs on cross platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, i OS etc. Android app is also available with Android TV devices. Feature Overview This video is an example to look & feel what you can do after setting up Kodi. The Kodi has many “add-ons” you can install, and by installing add-ons you can […]

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Install Google Chrome to Phone on Android TV – Casting PC browser URL to TV with one click


* The tips written here is not officially supported, and I don’t take any responsibility caused by using this Technique. Try it with your own responsibility. Watch browser contents on TV more easily When you are browsing on the Internet with PC or Smartphone/Tablet in home, especially when streaming video contents, have you ever wanted to see it on big TV display? Android TV initially don’t support browser app (It is officially stated that Android TV may not have browser app initially), but you can install browser app on Android TV. For example, there is Web Browser for Android TV on Play Store now. Also, SONY Android TV contains Pre-installed OPERA browser for now.  […]

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15 Best Free Android TV game app which played with gamepad

It is nice to know that A button is used for proceed, and B button is used for back. * The number of installs are based on the time of writing, 2015/10/11. Beach Buggy Racing Installs: 10M ~ Offered by: Vector Unit It is a racing game similar to Mario Kart. You can use item to power-up or defeat other cars during the race. Graphics is animation style rather than realistic, so it is well acceptable for whole family (especially child). Download on Google Play Store Real Boxing Installs: 10M ~ Company: Vivid Games S.A. It is an action game. The graphics is very smooth 3D. You can use left joy stick for […]

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10 Best Free Android TV game app which you can enjoy without gamepad

Not long time past since “Android TV” is released, but some interesting games are already released for this Android TV market. You can enjoy all following game for free. But of course, the app developer is making these game apps for business, there’s a in-app purchase for almost all the games. Usually, you need to pay when you want to resume at gameover timing or you want to get extra power up items in the game. * The number of installs are based on the time of writing, 2015/10/11. Despicable Me: Minion Rush Installs: 100M ~ Offered by: Gameloft Simple runner action game like Crossy Road, though the difference comes to […]

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Cannot use Software keyboard after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV

Software keyboard cannot be launched and I cannot type from TV When I was using SONY’s TV SideView application, I faced a problem after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV. I could not type any alphabet from TV, it always ask me to type from paired mobile with the word “Use the keyboard on your mobile device.“.  Even Solution: check Android system Keyboard setting The cause was coming from the Current keyboard setting has changed. You can change it by going to [Setting] → [Keyboard] (on System Preferences row) → [Current keyboard]. When “Virtual Remote keyboard” was selected, it was the root cause. Change it to the other. Leanback […]

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Install CPU-Z on Android TV

Now Android TV is working on Android platform. Some may be interested in CPU, memory, harddisk information about your TV. We can check these CPU, memory, sensor information.. with Android application app, e.g. “CPU-Z”. Again, I tested installing CPU-Z app for Android phone app by using this Technique. I test with SONY BRAVIA 2015 model Android TV, “KDL-43W800C“. CPU information Kernel Version, Memory (RAM), Internal Storage (HDD info) are available. * This post is workaround for testing Android TV. It does not mean that this post guarantee the behavior of introduced apps on Android TV. The tips written here is not officially supported, and I don’t take any responsibility caused […]

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