About this blog ~ Make open, Raise the wave ~

I learned and I am learning a lot from open source, and I want to contribute back by sharing what I studied.

2016.12 ~ Deep learning

Recently I often see the word “A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)”, “deep learning”, or “Machine learning”. It suddenly becomes quite trending technology, and the technology development speed is so fast that many open-source framework appeared to implement your own application with deep learning even you are not specialist of mathematics.

I will write my blog as my own memo and also I would like to even more accelerate to share state of the art technology. Especially I would like to focus on introducing chainer framework.

2014 ~ 2016.12 Android TV

Currently main topic is Android TV. Android TV platform becomes public in 2014, and now “Android” platform comes to our daily life closer and closer. Google released Android TV for living room, Android auto for inside the car, Android wear for your wearable devices… Android aggressively tries to get into our whole daily life (which reminded me skynet of Terminator). I’m interested in how this new wave goes in the future.

This blog explains technical development information for Android TV application, and also I want to introduce new interesting Android TV applications and interesting/life-hacking usage of Android TV. Now TV, which is considered as “center of living room”, becomes open for developers! Why not consider life-hacking for fun usage of this open-source TV?

If time allows, I also want to share general technology information, e.g. technology news from Japan,  startup news stuff etc.

About me

Japanese SW engineer currently focusing on machine learning (deep learning).

2016.12 ~
Working at Tokyo, Japan. Research & development of machine learning technology.

2014.4 ~ 2016.11
Working at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SW engineer of TV product.
Developing Android TV app, web app.

Completed master’s course in physics.
Researching about quantum computer, quantum information.

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