How to catch up with the papers in AI field – summary for 2024

Since the emergence of generative AI like LLM, the pace of publishing papers in the industry has accelerated so fast. I’m trying so hard to keep up. I surveyed the methods/services to reach to the primary sources of trending AI research.

⭐⭐: I actively want to use.

⭐: I want to use.

🤖: The project which utilizes LLM.

Daily information source

Where to get source of the latest information everyday.


A page that summarizes and compiles updates from famous Twitter accounts, Discord servers of top companies in the AI field, and other social media platforms like Reddit. They use LLM (using Claude Opus as of April 2024) to summarize the content. Since they summarize global media, it seems particularly useful for grasping global corporate trends (especially for Japanese)!!

The initial sections, AI Reddit Recap, AI Twitter Recap, AI Discord Recap (or if it’s a bit older, just PART X: AI Twitter Recap and PART 0: Summary of Summaries of Summaries), seem like enough to read at first. They could be read in about 10 minutes.

⭐huggingface papers

You can see a summary of the Trending Papers that @AK updates daily.

It seems they carefully select highly relevant papers for each day, and since you can view them with thumbnails, it’s easy to see the authors and their affiliations. It looks like a good resource for those who want to check daily.

⭐Deep Learning Monitor

You can create lists by registering specific words and follow up the latest papers. It is useful to follow up about a week span. There used to be a “HOT” tag, but it seems to have disappeared now?


It’s a site mainly used for finding the implementation codes of papers or checking benchmark rankings. However, it seems like you can also find particularly noteworthy papers under the Trending Research section.

⭐X (Twitter)

Maybe it’s a good idea to follow specific individuals’ accounts. Just one star, as I don’t want to rely too much on Twitter.


News website.

⭐🤖 In-house development: Extracting and summarizing papers using LLM, then posting them on Slack.

It’s good idea to pull topics of interest from a specific topic on arXiv and explore them further.

You can find a lot of reference implementation by searching online.

Ex. (Japanese)

Event trigger based

⭐⭐Google Scholar Alerts

Following specific authors might be a good idea. You can use the “Follow” button located at the top right of a person’s Google Scholar page to set up email notification when the author publishes new papers or updates.

Conference pages

It’s ideal if you can check NeurIPS, ICML, CVPR, ICLR every year.

Search engine



You can search by sentence in this website, and you can obtain list of related papers with AI generated summaries.

⭐Semantic Scholar

For the classic method of searching through queries, Semantic Scholar or Google Scholar seems like the way to go.

Ex. “Multimodal foundation models”: foundation models&sort=influence

⭐Google Scholar

Google Scholar


You can search and explore trend lists, but it seems like the server might be weak or slow (maybe due to individual operation).

In-depth surveys

When you want to trace specific citations from a paper or discover the latest literature that cites it.

⭐⭐ Connected papers

You can check the citation graph of a paper, which allows you to visualize and display particularly influential papers based on citations and references to a specific paper.

Reference management tools

In a bonus chapter, let’s discuss how to manage the large volume of papers that come out every day.

are the famous tools.

  • Zotero
    • Free
    • Desktop
  • Paperpile
    • Subscription (Ex. Personal use Academic version is $2.99)
    • Web


I’ll try operating with the following.

Catch up on the latest daily trends by AI NEWSDeep Learning MonitorX.

Set up event triggers as follows

  • Authors: Google Scholar Alerts
  • Conferences: Investigate each conference

When researching a specific topic, lis up papers using, Semantic Scholar, or Google Scholar then investigate related papers using Connected Papers.

I’ll try using Paperpile for managing papers.

Appendix: Asked ChatGPT

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