Install Android phone’s app on Android TV via Wifi


  As far as I know, this is one of the most convenient method to transfer files between Android devices and transfer & install Android apps in apk format. If you want to transfer by using USB, not by Wifi see old post “Install Android phone’s application to Android TV“. Sideloading apps on Android TV Many of the Android phone/tablet’s apps are not on the Google play store on Android TV (Nexus Player, Sony BRAVIA Android TV, NVIDIA Shield etc…). Many famous Android phone app is not correspond to Android TV yet, for example Browser app: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser… SNS app: Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, … System/performance app: Antutu, CPU  […]

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Netflix sign up procedure on Android TV


Sign up procedure I signed up Netflix with a 1-month free trial using Sony BRAVIA Android TV. Below is a procedure. * This post is written at 2016 March. The procedure might change in the future. You need a credit card even signing up free trial. First welcome page: price is shown in ringgit because I registered in Malaysia.   Step 1: Register Name E-mail Address Password E-mail subscription setting Step 2: Choose your plan There seems to be 3 plans, “Basic“, “Standard” and “Premium“. The big difference is the video quality (you cannot enjoy Full HD with Basic plan) and how many screens you can watch at the same […]

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Try Netflix on Android TV


  Netflix No need to explain, Netflix is most famous streaming movie & TV series provider, and now there’s more than 75 million subscribers (Wikipedia). For movie lovers, it is a must have service so that you can enjoy unlimited movie at home with flat-rate! Netflix is available with Android TV devices (such as Nexus Player, recent Sony BRAVIA TV etc.), and below are some screen shots to introduce.    Main page: Many popular movies and TV series are listed. I feel that Netflix is fully utilizing “recommendation” to show personalized video lists. For example, you can see recommended video lists based on the video you watched before. I guess it is […]

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Procedure for multi-language support for WordPress by building multisite


I started this blog in English, but I’m Japanese and I sometimes want to write some post in Japanese. I added Multi-Language support for this WordPress by using multisite feature which is supported by default WordPress feature. Now Original English site and newly created Japanese site are running on my WordPress. How to support multi-language in WordPress There are several ways to support multi language in WordPress. Roughly, 4 methods are available and you need to choose best solution based on your requirement and situation. Install independent WordPress on different server in each country For each language to support, prepare host server in each country and make independent WordPress site. […]

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