English summary of “Chainer Advent Calendar 2016″

I will summarize Chainer Advent Calendar 2016, to introduce what kind of deep learning projects are going on in Japan. Chainer Deep learning framework, chainer, is developed by Japanese company Preferred Networks and the community is quite active in Japan. Since interesting projects are presented and discussed, I would like to introduce them by summarizing it in English. Advent Calendar In Japan, there is a popular programming blog website called Qiita, and the “Advent Calendar” in Qiita is an event that interested people can join and write a blog for specific theme during Dec 1 to Dec 25. Advent Calendar 2016 Chainer Advent Calendar 2016 If you want to read the […]

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python print, string manipulation summary

  Version difference python 3.x: print() is function and not a keyword anymore. () must be used.

python 2.x: print is considered as a keyword, so () is not necessary.

The above syntax cannot be used in python 3! But you can use future module import if you want to use print as a function for python 3 compatibility.

Summary: It is better to use print() for future compatibility from now on. Ref: What is __future__ in Python used for and how/when to use it, and how it works __future__ モジュールについて Single quotation and double quotation for string There is no difference between ‘word’ and “word” in […]

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