Background data loading
– Android TV application hands on tutorial 15


Background data loading using Loader class This Tutorial was explaining about Leanback support library, which is usually used to show list of contents information. So developers may want to load a many meta data to show contents. When Activity or Fragment need to prepare big size of data, it is better to load the data in background. For this purpose, we can use Loader and LoaderManager. They are useful to implement background data loading followed by updating UI based on these loaded data. I’m going to implement this Loader in this chapter. To study about Loader, I found a very nice article to understand Loader and the LoaderManager in detail (from part 1 to part 4). This post is […]

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Data loading from web
– Android TV application hands on tutorial 16


  * You can see the JSON video data used in this post at here:  Manage data online, keep updated. In the previous chapter, Background data loading – Android TV application hands on tutorial 15, I introduced LoaderManager and Loader class which helps to load/prepare (maybe time consuming) data in background. One of the example of “time consuming” data preparation is loading data from network. If you can provide the data from the web, app can always show updated, latest information. In this chapter I will implement web data loading, to show our video contents information. We will prepare data in json format, and upload it to the web ( for now). It […]

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Finding videos, photos, musics which you can use freely


When I’m doing personal project, or making some documents, it always bother me how to find out contents (icons, videos, photos/pictures, musics) in accordance with copy right issues.  However, you don’t need to worry about copy right issues with contents under CC0 (public domain) license. Here, I will list up some links which is under Creative Commons license. Videos/Photos When I Google with “cc0 video”, it shows several web services which is providing CC0 lisenced videos.  PEXELS VIDEOS, PEXELSShort scenery videos are provided in this site, the video is categorized so that you can look through the web site easily.The videos in this site is all CC0 license. PLiXSSimilar to PEXELS, you can find only […]

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Fast, easy Parcelable implementation with Android studio Parcelable plugin


Starting from conclusion Use Parcelable class is always encouraged for better performance, while it is much easier to use Serializable class for fast checking/implementation. Easy & fast implementation of Parcelable? → Use Android studio plug-in! Serializable and Parcelable difference Serializable & Parcelable class can be used to pass object references from one Activity to the other Activity via Intent/Bundle. Your object must implement either  Serializable or Parcelable in order to pass it via Intent. Serializable, the Master of Simplicity Parcelable, the Speed King by Parcelable vs Serializable Serializable is defined in JAVA language as  a marker interface, so after implementing Serializable no extra method implementation is needed. It is very easy to use, but the performance is not good since serializing […]

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Install Google Chrome to Phone on Android TV – Casting PC browser URL to TV with one click


* The tips written here is not officially supported, and I don’t take any responsibility caused by using this Technique. Try it with your own responsibility. Watch browser contents on TV more easily When you are browsing on the Internet with PC or Smartphone/Tablet in home, especially when streaming video contents, have you ever wanted to see it on big TV display? Android TV initially don’t support browser app (It is officially stated that Android TV may not have browser app initially), but you can install browser app on Android TV. For example, there is Web Browser for Android TV on Play Store now. Also, SONY Android TV contains Pre-installed OPERA browser for now.  […]

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