Javadoc coding rule of @link, @linkplain, @see

How to write link reference in javadoc See previous post for general javadoc explanation. Basic rule To show “label” which refers to other field class/method/member, where “label” is optional..


Here, package name is omitted. You can use omitted name to avoid writing long sentences. Below is the list of how you can write links. 1. Refer current class member

When you refer current class member, it is possible to omit writing Package.class. 2. Refer current class or imported package’s other class 

When you refer member which is in current class or imported package’s class, it is possible to omit writing Package. 3. Refer other package’s member

You must […]

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Get to know coding rule of Javadoc in 10 mins

Javadoc – Java document comment Javadoc is used in Java language to write comment with the format stats from “/**” (2 asterisk needed) and ends with “*/” 

 It is used as a explanation document for the program which is embedded in source code. Usually, Brief explanation of Class, method, and member can be written as Javadoc format. If the Javadoc was written, we can also auto generate HTML type documentation file, for example see Java Platform SE API reference page.   HTML TAG HTML tag can be used to write Javadoc, which makes it formatted document and easy to refer. When you use IDE like Eclipse or Android studio, explanation is […]

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