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Currently main topic is Android TV. Android TV platform becomes public in 2014, and now “Android” platform comes to our daily life closer and closer. Google released Android TV for living room, Android auto for inside the car, Android wear for your wearable devices… Android aggressively tries to get into our whole daily life (which reminded me skynet of Terminator). I’m interested in how this new wave goes in the future.

This blog explains technical development information for Android TV application, and also I want to introduce new interesting Android TV applications and interesting/life-hacking usage of Android TV. Now TV, which is considered as “center of living room”, becomes open for developers! Why not consider life-hacking for fun usage of this open-source TV? 


If time allows, I also want to share general technology information, e.g. technology news from Japan,  startup news stuff etc.

About me

Japanese SW engineer working at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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7 responses

  1. Hi,

    very interesting blog. But what happened to the “Android TV application hands on tutorial” series? Those pages doesn’t exist anymore.


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Sorry for the trouble, I think this is because I was configuring some WordPress setting today.
      It should be ok now.

  2. i am working on an becoming an app developer…expecially…having a t.v app…which will function like normal T.v

  3. Very interesting blog!
    As I know AndroidTV platform is not very popular, only google nexus player and SONY BRAVIA TV used AndroidTV system, it is big different from android mobile system.
    Actually I’m a programmer woking on AndroidTV platform and I completed several apps these years, I learned much from your blog, thank you!

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