Cannot use Software keyboard after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV

Software keyboard cannot be launched and I cannot type from TV

When I was using SONY’s TV SideView application, I faced a problem after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV. I could not type any alphabet from TV, it always ask me to type from paired mobile with the word “Use the keyboard on your mobile device.“. 


Virtual Remote keyboard: it always ask me to type from mobile and it is not possible to type alphabet from TV remote controller.


Solution: check Android system Keyboard setting

The cause was coming from the Current keyboard setting has changed. You can change it by going to [Setting] → [Keyboard] (on System Preferences row) → [Current keyboard].

When “Virtual Remote keyboard” was selected, it was the root cause. Change it to the other.


Leanback keyboard is the default keyboard behavior.


Leanback keyboard(default). Now I can type alphabet by using remote controller as well 🙂


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3 responses

  1. Every time I tap space while im typing on my virtual keyboard, the previous words will dissappear, leaving me with an empty bar to type

  2. Where is the enter key with this Virtual Keyboard, i have a Sony Bravia Android TV and i use this keyboard all the time, but i can never start a new text line because there is not enter key on this keyboard as far as i can see.

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