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3 responses

  1. Dear Corochann, I send a email to you. It is about Android tv emulator can not connect to internet problem. Please check, thank you!

  2. Hi, corochann:
    I received your email and send a email to you several days ago, but I do not receive your reply, I do not known whether you receive my email?
    My email address is, and I can receive your first email from a gmail. If you do not my reply, please tell me and I will change a email address from 163 to the other, such as gmail.
    Best regards.

    • Hello, Ling Chong:
      Welcome developer from China, because me too -_-b
      AndroidTV developer is very low in China and even in WW, so it’s better to create a contact group (such as QQ group or Wechat group) to organize ourself.
      I will connect you later with your Email.

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