Cannot use Software keyboard after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV

Software keyboard cannot be launched and I cannot type from TV

When I was using SONY’s TV SideView application, I faced a problem after pairing with TV SideView on SONY BRAVIA Android TV. I could not type any alphabet from TV, it always ask me to type from paired mobile with the word “Use the keyboard on your mobile device.“. 


Virtual Remote keyboard: it always ask me to type from mobile and it is not possible to type alphabet from TV remote controller.


Solution: check Android system Keyboard setting

The cause was coming from the Current keyboard setting has changed. You can change it by going to [Setting] → [Keyboard] (on System Preferences row) → [Current keyboard].

When “Virtual Remote keyboard” was selected, it was the root cause. Change it to the other.


Leanback keyboard is the default keyboard behavior.


Leanback keyboard(default). Now I can type alphabet by using remote controller as well 🙂


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  1. Every time I tap space while im typing on my virtual keyboard, the previous words will dissappear, leaving me with an empty bar to type

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