AtCoder Grand Contest 007 review


I felt you need more invetiveness/creativeness in this contest, and it was difficult. 

A – Shik and Stone

Compared to ARC (regular contest), it is slightly difficult even from problem A.

The most elegant solution is to just check the number of ‘#’ is equal to \(W+H-1\) or not as explained in Editorial.

However, I could not notice it so I checked that we can actually go using only right or down or not.


B – Construct Sequences

You need to come up with one construction method which satisfies the 3 conditions.

Editorial way is much more easier than below construction.

C – Pushing Balls

Since most of the participants could not solve it, I’ll skip this.

D – Shik and Game

This algorithm takes \( O(N^2) \), which pass only 600 points.






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